Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center

Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center, Inc. is a Mission Viejo chiropractic, physical therapy, stem cell therapy, and massage therapy facility that focuses on helping people with not only back pain but many other types of pain as well. It could be a serious injury or just an irksome pain that doesn’t seem to go away. The doctors at our centers can help you feel better faster. If you’re looking for a friendly and respected chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist in Southern California, then look no further as you’ll find all the best health care providers within this website. We offer our patients a multitude of different treatments.

Our chiropractors, depending on patient need and severity of pain, will apply different techniques for each individual case. We also place an emphasis on non-surgical rehabilitation and physical medicine so that you can recover without great expense and additional pain. In fact, we are well known throughout Southern California for our spinal decompression techniques and the back decompression treatments many of our patients receive. Additionally, we treat all types of patients and all types of pain ranging from scoliosis and herniated discs to headaches, general neck pain and pre/post surgical rehabilitation.