5 Things you need to know about Physical Therapy

1. Physical therapy is not just a list of generic exercises

When your physical therapist completes a thorough physical exam of your body, you will be prescribed a specific program to address your specific impairment and your goals. At Gateway Rehab our physical therapists prescribe your exercise and treatment plan based on the latest research findings shown to effectively treat you.

Your physical therapist will work closely with you to ensure you activate the correct muscle groups. Without proper guidance many patients use compensatory muscles to complete the exercise which will actually make the impairment worse instead of work toward resolving it.

2. Treatment doesn’t end when your PT program is completed

We will always emphasize the importance of ongoing regular exercise, and maintaining good health habits. Maintaining the restored physical condition gained while in physical therapy with a regular exercise program is essential. This includes working out to a point of muscle fatigue 1 to 3 times per week to maintain your muscle strength. This along with cardiovascular activity, daily relaxation, and stretching are recommended.

Your physical therapist will help you create a strategy for ongoing exercise after your PT plan has ended.

3. Pain is typically due to trauma that has developed over years

Most patients come into physical therapy with pain in a particular body part without any known reason or specific trauma. This is usually caused by a series of trauma that began years or even decades prior to coming through the door of Gateway Rehab’s physical therapy in Mission Viejo.

These types of trauma are often repetitive movements that are done with poor physical posture or form. Physical therapists can help you pinpoint what these faulty movement patterns are, correct them, and teach you safer ways to move. With practice, this results in less stress on the muscle or joint and help reduce or relive painful movements!

physcial therapy mission viejo

4. Physical Therapy is an effective conservative treatment before pain medication and in some cases surgery

We empower our patients with pain relieving strategies and treatments that have no harmful side effects.  We can prescribe a comprehensive program to replace pain medication and possibly avoid more invasive procedures, like surgeries.

5. Gateway Rehab physical therapy in Mission Viejo for life!

We are all aging and none of us can escape the negative effects that gravity has on our bodies over time. By the time we are adults, most of us have to deal with arthritis, old or new injuries, muscle tension, weakness, stiffness, balance problems, and other conditions that begin to impact our daily lives. 

When your symptoms begin to increase or persist more than a couple days or weeks, it is time to come back in for an examination.  Whether it is a similar problem that you need to re-address or something completely new, think physical therapy first!

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