How Chiropractic Benefits Athletes

     Did you know that high-impact sports can place the same amount of strain on the body as a car accident? If you play football, hockey, lacrosse, or even basketball, what do you currently do to combat those inherent physical setbacks? Stretching and yoga are great places to start, but they only do so much. It’s why more athletes are receiving chiropractic care today than ever before. Those who get routine adjustments tend to enjoy improved performance, improved range of motion, better flexibility, and increased blood flow. 

When you see a chiropractor, their main focus should be simple: Adjust the spine and remove whatever may be interfering with the body’s natural healing ability. A chiropractic adjustment is all about reducing the subluxation, which leads to an increased range of motion. Doing so reduces nerve irritability, muscle spasms, pain, and improves overall function. Keep in mind that both high-impact and low-impact athletes can benefit from routine adjustments. For the aforementioned high-impact athletes, chiropractic increases performance and flexibility while simultaneously lowering the risk of injury. It’s a bit different for low-impact athletes. Let’s say you play golf or tennis, for example. Regular adjustments can help relieve whatever strain is being placed on the body.

   So what exactly should you expect during a chiropractic adjustment?

Your chiropractor will likely apply a quick thrust to a vertebra for the purpose of correcting both its position and movement. Be aware that adjustments usually come with an audible release of gas in the spinal joints that sounds like a “crack.” Don’t be alarmed, though, as this is perfectly normal. Most of the time, patients feel relief immediately.

We think of our adjustments as an avenue to restore the body to its natural state of optimal health. Chiropractic care is just the tip of the health and wellness iceberg, so to speak. It’s why we also provide physical therapy, massage therapy, stem cell therapy, etc.

“Injuries sometimes just happen”

     Sports injuries refer to the kinds of injuries that usually occur during sports or exercise. As an athlete, you know that injuries sometimes just happen outside of your control. Still, an alarming percentage stems from poor training practices, improper equipment, lack of conditioning, or insufficient warm-up and stretching. At Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center, we specialize in treating chronic injuries. These result from the repeated overuse of joints and/or muscle groups. To provide more context, structural abnormalities, and poor techniques can develop chronic injuries.

Patients who come to our rehabilitation center often do so as a last resort. Little did they know we should have been their preferred choice in the first place! During your first appointment, we will evaluate what’s ailing you and come up with an individualized approach to get you back on track and back on the field. It really is as simple as that. There’s no cookie-cutter strategy where we simply mask the symptoms. Our chiropractic clinic will have you feeling better, faster.

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