How Chiropractic Helps Pregnancy

Chiropractic works wonders for a variety of patients. But did you know that regular chiropractic adjustments can be incredibly effective for pregnant women, in particular? Think about this for a moment: You want the absolute best when it comes to prenatal and postpartum care. But you also don’t want to deal with any risky side effects. This is where holistic care, such as chiropractic, comes into play. Keep reading to learn just a few of the ways chiropractic care can benefit a pregnant woman.

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  1. It restores pelvic balance – The reality is that you will experience pelvic changes during pregnancy. There’s not really any way to get around it. A pelvis that isn’t in line can actually restrict the amount of the room the baby has to develop. An experienced chiropractor can adjust the pelvic balance to prevent this from happening, also known as an intrauterine constraint. What exactly will this do? Well, restoring pelvic balance can lessen the chances of having breached babies or needing a cesarean delivery.
  2. It restores poor posture – It’s well-documented that many women struggle with back pain during pregnancy due to the extra weight they must carry in the front of their body. Note the protruding abdomen can increase the curve in the back, causing pain and posture issues. Treatment at a local chiropractic clinic can restore proper posture and prevent the stress of pregnancy from causing long-term pain and posture issues.
  3. It controls pregnancy symptoms – Experts confirm that some of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with pregnancy can be alleviated with chiropractic. Even just a simple adjustment often goes a long way helping the woman maintain her health, relieve joint and neck pain, and control symptoms of nausea during pregnancy.
  4. It may reduce labor and delivery time – Chiropractic care focuses on taking care of the nervous system and removing anything which interferes with the body’s natural healing ability. Consequently, many pregnant women find their bodies are better prepared to go through the childbirth process after regular chiropractic visits. Think of the nervous system as the engine that makes our bodies go. When it works properly, the entire body does as well. So it’s not surprising that many women who receive chiropractic treatments during pregnancy tend to have shorter labor and delivery times.
  5. It restores the body to its natural state of optimal health – Your chiropractor takes a holistic, all-encompassing approach to health. Don’t be surprised if the treatment plan involves a combination of adjustments, massage therapy, trigger point therapy, nutrition, and counseling to positively impact your health and the health of your baby.

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At Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center, we take a proactive approach to your pregnancy. Our chiropractor uses special techniques to keep you safe and comfortable during adjustments. Before reaching out to our rehabilitation center, please contact your OB to double-check that chiropractic is right for you.

We want to help your pregnancy be as comfortable as possible. See how you can benefit from chiropractic care at Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center. Call us now to book your appointment.

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