stem cell therapy in mission viejo

What Is Regenerative Therapy (Stem Cell Therapy) And How Does It Work?

So you’ve heard about stem cells on TV, you’ve heard reporters talking about stem cell research, tests and even experiments with cloning.

At this point you may be wondering what exactly is regenerative medicine(stem cell therapy), and what are the practical applications for stem cell therapy? Is it something that you or a loved one could benefit from?

Stem cell therapy is a new and innovative therapy process that has the potential to not only treat
symptoms but also heal tissue by regenerating healthy cells.

Regenerative medicine, also called stem cell therapy, is a process that promotes the repair of
diseased, damaged or dysfunctional tissue.

At Gateway Rehab & Wellness center in Mission Viejo, CA, we offer regenerative therapy for our patients who have meniscus tears, arthritis, chronic knee pain, ligament and tendon injuries.

So How Does Stem Cell Therapy It Work

Stem cell are simply the body’s raw materials, from which all specialized cells and their functions are generated. These cells whether in a lab or in the body can be used to divide and form more of that same cell call daughter cells.

Daughter cells either self-renew and become new stem cells or become specialized cells with a specific functions. The unique thing about stem cells is they are the only type of cell in the body that can generate new cell types.

The cells used in regenerative medicine are grown in a lab. These stem cells are converted to specialize into a specific type of cell. In our case, orthopedic related illness and injury such as osteoarthritis.

By actually manipulating stem cells in a lab setting to act as a particular cell. The specialized cells are then used to implant into a patient and the diseased or injured tissue can begin healing or regeneration.

Stem Cell therapy in Mission Viejo

Here at Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center we are proud to offer regenerative medicine to our patients. Stem cell therapy can be an alternative choice to surgery and should be discussed with your doctor.

If you have any questions about regenerative medicine at Gateway please don’t hesitate to call us call now (949) 454-8811.