Stem cell therapy research is a fast growing treatment for a wide range of injuries, diseases, and many health-related problems. It is a method which involves the use of stem cells to repair damaged ligaments, reduce pain and provide overall joint stabilization. Regenerative therapy deals with not only the replacement or regeneration of tissue but also cell or organ to restore normal function. Stem cells possess the unique ability of self-renewal and self-regeneration. In stem cell regenerative therapy, stem cells that are defective and/or dead are replaced with new cells. Stem cell regenerative therapy helps the body to develop new tissue or replace lost tissues. Cell or tissue restoration is accomplished by stem cells effectively. This therapy has potential to replace surgical treatments.

Stem cell therapy can help treat degenerative joint conditions and essentially provide new cells to old and damaged tissue. This can help regenerate healthy cells and help provide relief and repair. We use this form of therapy for patients who have meniscus tears, arthritis, chronic knee pain, ligament and tendon injuries.

Amniotic Cell Injections work with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Unlike treatments that simply address the symptoms, amniotic cell therapy actually promotes repair of the body, helping to restore damaged or degenerated tissue. Amniotic Cellular Injections also contain hyaluronan, which eases pain and restores mobility by lubricating joints and tendons.

Regenerative cell injections work with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Unlike treatments that simply address the symptoms. Treatments classed as regenerative medicine help our natural healing processes work more rapidly and more effectively. These technologies can enable regeneration in missing or damaged tissue that would not ordinarily regrow, producing at least partial regeneration, and in some studies complete regeneration.